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Üles 10 Pokkeri tööriistad & Tarkvara

  1. PokerTracker 4This software is a popular choice for online poker players to track their hand histories and analyze their play. It provides detailed statistics and reports on everything from your win rate to your positional play, and even allows you to review your opponentsstats.
  2. Hold’em Manager 3Similar to PokerTracker, Hold’em Manager 3 is another popular tracking and analysis tool. It offers customizable HUDs, reports, and graphs to help you better understand your own play and that of your opponents.
  3. FlopzillaThis is a powerful and easy-to-use poker calculator that helps you analyze and understand different flop and hand scenarios. It can be especially useful for players looking to improve their post-flop decision-making.
  4. ICMIZERThis software is specifically designed to help tournament players improve their understanding of independent chip modeling (ICM) and make better decisions in situations where payout structures come into play.
  5. PokerStovePokerStove is a free equity calculator that allows you to input hand ranges and see how they fare against different boards and opponents’ vahemikud. It can be a useful tool for analyzing hand histories and range construction.
  6. EquilabSimilar to PokerStove, Equilab is a free equity calculator that can help you analyze different hand scenarios and ranges. It also offers some other useful features, such as range analysis and hand ranking quizzes.
  7. GTO lahendajaGTO (Mänguteooria Optimaalne) Solver is a software that helps you solve complex poker problems and create optimal strategies for different situations. It can be especially useful for advanced players looking to improve their game theory understanding.
  8. SharkscopeThis is a popular online tool that allows you to look up the statistics and tournament results of individual players. It can be a useful resource for analyzing the tendencies of specific opponents and making informed decisions at the table.
  9. Tabel Ninja IIThis software is a suite of hotkey and automation tools designed to streamline your online poker play. It can help you save time and make decisions more quickly by automating repetitive tasks and allowing for more efficient multi-tabling.
  10. Hand2NoteThis is another tracking and analysis tool that offers customizable HUDs and detailed reports on your play and your opponents’. It also offers some advanced features, such as range visualization and heat maps, to help you better understand your game.